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Crestline Harvest Festival Queen's, Little Miss, and Princess Pageant

The annual pageants take place on Thursday night during the festival and is open to any student in Crawford and Richland counties.  As a member of the OFEA the pageant winners travel to various festivals around Ohio representing the festival and Crestline.

Past Pageant Winners

2023 Queens Contest Winners.jpg


Queen - Natalie Guiler, 1st Attendant - Haylie Kovach, 2nd Attendant - Kaitlyn Richardson, Miss Congeniality - Haylie Kovach

Princess - Eva Kozinski, 1st Attendant - Mia McKenzie, 2nd Attendant - Madyson McCleese,  Miss Congeniality - Eva Kozinski

Little Miss - Adylina Troiano, 1st Attendant - JoyAnna Perdue, 2nd Attendant - Jolee Sparks, Miss Congeniality - JoyAnna Perdue 



Queen - Marlie Hosey, 1st Attendant - Isabella Stang, 2nd Attendant - Angel Hollingsworth, Miss Congeniality - Kiley Snyder

Princess - Sydney Link, 1st Attendant - Julia Schimpf, 2nd Attendant - Victoria Stang, Miss Congeniality - Haleigh Pifer

Little Miss - Ellie Baer, 1st Attendant - Layla Snyder, 2nd Attendant - Halle Tomecko, Miss Congeniality - Ellie Baer 

Also pictured the Master of Ceremonies - Erich Schroeder



Queen - Miya Kinn, 1st Attendant - Sheena Parson, 2nd Attendant - Isabella Strong, Miss Congeniality - Miya Kinn

Princess - Brynn Bruner, 1st Attendant - Zoie Lohr, 2nd Attendant - Kaitlyn Richardson, Miss Congeniality - Zoie Lohr

Little Miss - Michaela Duda, 1st Attendant - Julia Schimpf, 2nd Attendant - Adylina Troiano

2020 - 2019

Queen - Hannah Feldman, 1st Attendant - Morgan Weaver, 2nd Attendant - Makayla Wilson, Miss Congeniality - Majestica Beck

Princess - Kalynee Butterfield, 1st Attendant - Mercedes Beck, 2nd Attendant - Phoenix Bayes, Miss Congeniality - Annjolena Gonzalez

Little Miss - Rinoa Robinson, 1st Attendant - Sydney Link, 2nd Attendant - Oakley Dyer

Queen - Elizabeth Brown, 1st Attendant - Sydney HarrisMiss Congeniality - Allison Goddard



Queen - Taylor Garrison-Wise, 1st Attendant - Joczelyn EarlMiss Congeniality - Sydney Harris


Queen - Sophia Winters, 1st Attendant - Hope SharpMiss Congeniality - Sydney Weisman


Queen - Kerri Reynolds, 1st Attendant - Desi HuntMiss Congeniality - Allison Lawson


Queen - Deseriee Sharp, 1st Attendant - Lauren SchererMiss Congeniality - Kennedie Winkler

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